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A Salt fly lifestyle

A ocean way of life specializing in saltwater-fly, surfing good waves & selective spearfishing some of the best destinations in the South Pacific – NZ


Together with our friends we care for many cause’s to ensure sustainable fisheries management, protecting our oceans + waterways from destructive industrial waste, over fishing, bio-security hazards and other human impacts.

Essentially, ensuring a future for all life on earth for years to come regarding the ocean around us. Links below will take you to all the trust’s, initiative groups, government organizations and normal caring people like us who want to support this modern day movement.

Contact us if you wish to join or support.


Along with our friends at FlyfishBonehead and Tail Fly Fishing Magazine we support sustainable oceans and ensuring we raise greater awareness for other pressing matters.

Internationally MPI officers and the New Zealand Navy is consistently monitoring offshore fish stocks pursued by international commercial trawlers and long liners for more click here.

Protecting the environment

Advocacy on protecting our waterways and on Bio security issues is never ending, as there will always be unaware water users.

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JP Samuelson

JP Samuelson – was born and raised in Cape Town, South-Africa.

To reach out to JP – follow him on Facebook and send him a message.


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If you would like to learn more about saltwater fly fishing in New Zealand

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